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Intensive Course overview ยป

Aims of the Intensive course
  • Enhance proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Cultivate advanced English grammar and vocabulary.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge in practical contexts.
  • A relaxed and thoughtfully structured course environment that allows students to enjoy leisure time.

Intensive course in London

An Intensive Language Course at Edwards Language School caters to students aiming for faster and more comprehensive English language proficiency. This course is perfect for those who are willing to dedicate more time to their studies.

By enrolling in the intensive course, you can enhance your English language skills in a shorter span. The added lessons allow for more opportunities to practice using the language effectively while still leaving ample time for leisure activities in the afternoons.

The course structure involves four daily lessons, which mirror the content of the Standard English Course, focusing on integrated skills work throughout the set course book. The last two lessons of each day adopt a more flexible approach, with no fixed course book. These lessons often revolve around themes like listening, speaking, and further exploration of topics introduced in the morning sessions.

Intensive Course Overview

Start day: every Monday

Duration: 270 mins. per day

Timings: 09:00 -12:15, 13:30- 14:30

Days: Monday - Friday

Levels: A1,A2,B1,B2,C1

Min. age: 16 for adults

20 lessons 22.5 hours per week

Max. Capacity: 12 students per class

NB: 16 / 17 year olds can choose either adult classes or junior classes - see more info re junior programme. All our teachers and staff are enhanced DBS checked


The intensive course timetable prioritizes academic sessions in the mornings, giving our students the freedom to plan their personal excursions during the remainder of the day at the destination. Our course comprises six lessons daily, each lasting forty-five minutes (totalling 4.5 hours or 270 minutes per day), amounting to a total of 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours).

Course material for the intensive course

We mainly use English File 3rd Edition and Cutting Edge 3rd Edition, offering students an immersive language learning experience through real-life contexts. The book includes engaging reading and listening texts, stimulating activities, and regular assessments to track and gauge progress.

Each level of the course is thoughtfully structured to span 12 weeks, allowing students to cover the entire syllabus within that duration. With attendance of 80% or more, students usually progress to the next level.

Upon arrival, students are required to purchase the course book- ยฃ35.00 However, for those staying less than 4 weeks, there is the option to return the book, ยฃ9.00 per week will be charged.

The Certificate We Offer

Upon completion of the language course, each participant is awarded a certificate, serving as evidence of the level they have studied at. The Sprachcaffe certificate aligns with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), ensuring international comparability and providing all essential information for assessment and recognition worldwide.

Our Proficiency Evaluation

Unsure about your current level of English proficiency? Don't Worry! At Sprachcaffe, we provide an online placement test to determine your language level before forming learning groups. This ensures that students with similar language abilities are grouped together. Additionally, we offer an online language test for you to assess your proficiency independently, allowing you to gauge your skills accurately.

Optimal Study Period for Language Learning

Refer to the table provided below to determine the ideal course duration for reaching your desired language proficiency. Keep in mind that the table is derived from our intensive 30-lessons-per-week course. Individual results may differ based on personal aptitude, age, and prior language exposure. If you're uncertain about the appropriate course selection, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. In this overview, the beginner level is denoted as A0.

Current level & goals: A0 A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2  
Optimise conversation: Ideal if you want to learn to speak clearly and answer simple questions. 4 2 - - - - - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Enrich basic knowledge: The qualification to understand contexts better and make targeted statements. 6 4 2 - - - - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Expand progress: Become proficient in presenting facts in multiple ways, work with native speakers and understand newspaper articles. 12 6 4 2 - - - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Increase confidence: You can conduct complicated negotiations and incorporate your language skills into reports and presentations. 24 12 6 4 2 - - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Strengthen solidity: Increase your confidence even further. Follow conversations naturally and write reports effortlessly. 48 24 12 6 4 2 - Recommended course duration (weeks)
Achieve perfection: Refine your style, learn to discuss, and negotiate at native level. โˆž 48 24 12 6 4 2 Recommended course duration (weeks)

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