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Language Courses Worldwide with Sprachcaffe

Sprachcaffe International has 32 language schools worldwide and offers language courses in many languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Italian and Chinese.
Our established network of schools allows you to choose a language course and accommodation most suitable for your taste, budget and goals. We always strive to provide a selection of different options from fun summer language holidays for young people to serious business language courses for professionals and examination preparation courses for those just starting down their career path.

Sprachcaffe takes you to the most exciting places in our world has to offer! With our many years of experience, we place great value on authenticity during your language trips, in order to arrange your stay to be as enjoyable as possible and to ensure that your foreign language skills develop constantly along the way. Experience the country, its people and its language in their natural environment. Our language courses in diverse locations abroad are led by native speakers, most of whom come from the country in which they teach. They, with the support of the Sprachcaffe Teamers, will give you a deeper understanding of your course's location and will attend to your language needs completely individually. We also organize a varied leisure program of excursions, sports activities, welcome parties and much more for you, with people representing loads of languages and countries from around the world.

Programmes for Adults

Combining a language learning opportunity with foreign cultures. Study travel for adults.

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