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Edwards Language School in London
Edwards Language School in London

Edwards Language School, member of Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, is a professional, friendly English Language School founded in 1990. Students come to Edwards Language School from all over the world to attend a range of English language courses to suit all types.

The school is in Ealing, west London just 20 minutes by train from Heathrow Airport and 25 minutes to central London. There are also several bus and underground tube stations. Ealing is an easily accessible area and a very pleasant place to stay and study.

A typical classroom at Edwards Language School
A typical classroom at Edwards Language School

Edwards Language School is fully equipped with:

  • Reception
  • A small outdoor seating area
  • Common room and areas for students' use
  • A collection of books for self study
  • Free internet access
  • Activities Programmes and weekly events

Activities for Students in London

The Sovereign's Foot Guards
The Sovereign's Foot Guards

Throughout the year, students can participate in social activities organised by our Social Programme Leader and our Leisure Co-ordinator.

In the summer months, many students spend their time in the beautiful local parks, such as nearby Walpole Park.

Students can enjoy nearby shopping centres, a public library, cinemas, theatre, international restaurants and internet cafes.

Activities in London

A Chelsea FC player
A Chelsea FC player

Many of the local parks have tennis courts, cricket pitches and woodlands, ideal for walking or cycling.

For sports fans, London is a great place to watch your favourite football team play on Saturdays.

See our social events page for details of some of our organised activities.

Transport in London

Here's some information to help you when travelling around London:

  • There are many ways to pay for transport in London, the easiest is to buy an Oyster card - which you can buy from the ticket office in the train station for a £5 deposit - or you can buy a Travelcard or use a contactless payment card.
  • London's public transport network is integrated - this means it is easy to switch between different types of transport, for example from a train to a bus, using the same ticket.
  • If you are using an Oyster or contactless payment card make sure you touch the card against the yellow reader when you enter AND leave the train or underground station. You only need to touch the card once on buses.
  • London is divided into 9 travel zones. Zones 1 and 2 are in central London and zones 6-9 are on the outskirts of the city. Edwards Language School is in zone 3.
  • Travel is more expensive at peak travel times - Monday to Friday from 06:30 to 09:30 and from 16:00 to 19:00. Travel is cheaper at off peak times - this is all other times including weekends and public holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot use cash to pay for bus fares. You can use Oyster or contactless payment cards for pay as you go travel, or you can use a Travelcard or a Bus & Tram Pass. A single adult fare is £1.50* with an Oyster or contactless payment card.

*This price may be subject to change

For more information please visit the Transport for London website: www.tfl.gov.uk