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English courses in London Ealing

We provide language courses in london for all levels and needs, from elementary to advanced, short-term to long-term, group general English courses to one-to-one tuition. We have courses to help you prepare for the IELTS and Cambridge exams. Classes are available during the day.

In addition to coursebooks, teachers use a variety of authentic and topical materials and activities. Our teachers encourage participation in communicative activities to make the classes interesting. Throughout your course, you will review points of grammar and explore the language, develop your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, extend your vocabulary and develop your intercultural awareness through English.

At the end of your course, you should be more able to express what you want to say in good English, feel more confident in understanding and speaking English in all situations, enjoy reading a variety of texts for information and pleasure, and be able to produce a variety of written texts.

  • Learn from experienced English teachers.
  • Improve your English language skills for professional and academic success.
  • Develop language and cultural skills in an international city.
  • Explore London's exciting cultural attractions.
  • English courses for foreigners and adults.
  • Enjoy the city's diverse range of food and entertainment.
  • Make friends from around the world.
  • Learn about various accents, as well as British culture and history

Brief information about our courses in London

English Standard Courses

General English classes are perfect to practice all language skills: reading and writing, speaking and listening, and to develop knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Students joining these English lessons are assessed for their level and placed in an appropriate English class.

We offer morning and afternoon English Courses. Three hours of daily lessons ensure effective learning. This is the perfect balance between learning the language and enjoying your free time.

  • Maximum number of students: 12
  • Minimum enrolment age: 16 years old
  • Levels: A1/Elementary, A2/Pre-Intermediate, B1/Intermediate, B2/Upper Intermediate, C1/Advanced
  • Classes held: 5 days a week - Monday to Friday
  • 4 lessons/3 hours per day
  • 1 lesson = 45 minute
  • Morning lessons: 9h to 12h15
  • Afternoon lessons: 15h to 18h15
  • Cost of textbook: £35

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English Intensive Course

An Intensive English Course in London at our Edwards Language School is the ideal choice for a more in-depth focus of the language. Whether you are an elementary learner or simply wish to brush up on your English, this course is bound to meet your requirements.

Intensive English courses are suitable for students who would like to combine a general English course with the "skills in English" course option. Why not improve your English in our English lessons in London? Our English courses are designed to develop students' all-round communicative ability.

  • Maximum number of students: 12
  • Minimum enrolment age: 16 years
  • Levels: A1/Elementary, A2/Pre-Intermediate, B1/Intermediate, B2/Upper Intermediate, C1/Advanced
  • Classes held: 5 days a week - Monday to Friday
  • 6 lessons/4.5 hours per day
  • 1 lesson = 45 minute
  • Morning lessons: 9h to 12h15 & 13h to 14h30; Standard plus Spoken English
  • If preferred afternoon classes are also possible

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Spoken English Courses

Spoken English courses are a great way to become more confident in speaking English. Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, these courses can help you improve your pronunciation and fluency.

They also provide valuable practice for listening, reading and writing skills. With the help of experienced tutors, you can make fast progress in a short amount of time. So take the chance to enrol in a course and start speaking English with confidence. It can be a great investment in your future.

  • Maximum number of students per class: 8
  • Minimum enrolment age: 16 years old
  • Classes held: 5 days a week - Monday to Friday - Normally combined with Standard Courses
  • 2 lessons/ 1.5 hours per day
  • Afternoon lessons: 13h00 - 14h30

Private English Lessons

Our individual lessons are tailor-made to suit your needs, so the number of hours and days per week are flexible and up to you.

One-to-one English language training is the most intensive way to learn a language or to enhance your language skills. The format of the lessons can be determined by the needs of the student. The hours of this English course are flexible, which makes it possible to book it together with another English course option.

One-to-one English Courses are also ideal as a support course to focus on particular problem areas. You decide the number of daily lessons. All aspects of the language are taught in as short a time possible without being overly demanding.

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Group Courses

Edwards Language School accepts groups of any size of pupils aged 14 and above. For every 15 pupils, we offer free accommodation for one group leader in a single room in the same type of accommodation as the students. We offer a mix of English learning, extracurricular activities, accommodation and easy booking.

The English lessons include practice through communicative tasks, project work and intercultural activities, according to the needs of individual groups. All English classes develop and extend knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and improve communicative skills.


Group quotations can be prepared according to your needs. Simply decide which services you require from the menu below and email the school.

Our Academic Management team will be happy to get back to you with all the price options for your particular requirements.

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English Exam Preparation Courses

PET, FCE, CAE and CPE English courses

You can also do a PET, FCE, CAE and CPE English courses (All courses are subject to availability).

Pre-entry tests and feedback are given prior to the courses to help you choose the right exam course for you. During the course you have mock tests, tutorials and past papers to help you succeed.

  • Maximum number of students per class: 15
  • Minimum enrolment age: 16 years old
  • Classes held: 5 days a week - Monday to Friday
  • 4 lessons/3 hours per day
  • 1 lesson = 45 minute
  • Morning lessons: 9h00 to 12h15
  • Afternoon lessons: 15h00 to 18h15
  • Examination fees are not included in course costs. Estimate cost about £200 per exam

IELTS Preparation Courses

The IELTS "International English Language Testing System" test is an internationally recognised qualification for students applying to study in higher education institutions on undergraduate and post-graduate courses.

Courses offer the opportunity to work through sample papers under test conditions. Students are also encouraged to use the school's self-access materials for further practice. Many students prefer to combine the IELTS training with General English classes to improve overall competence. Tests are available most weeks, we can put students in touch with test centres who can help them secure a booking.

*available on request.

  • Maximum number of students per class: 15
  • Minimum enrolment age: 16 years old
  • Classes held: 5 days a week - Monday to Friday
  • 4 lessons/3 hours per day
  • 1 lesson = 45 minute
  • Lessons: 15h00 to 18h15
  • Examination fees (from £175 to £205) are not included in course costs.

Prices of English Courses

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Extra services for your English language course

  • Accommodation and board as booked. Learn more »
  • Arrival at accommodation on Sunday, departure on Saturday
  • Coursebook
  • Certificate at the end of the course
  • Return transfers to London airports
  • Social activities during the week and weekend trips

Student Services and Welfare

On arrival at Edwards Language School, you will be given a welcome pack containing essential information about the school and about the local area. You will complete a placement test if you haven't done so already and an interview with a member of the Academic Management team, after which, you will be told where your class is.

We will take you on a tour of the school and of Ealing. During the school tour, we will show you who to speak to if you have any questions or problems during your stay. We will also give you a 24-hour emergency contact number. A member of staff will be available to help you with any health or welfare concerns, and a member of the academic staff will be available to help you with matters relating to your studies.

If you have booked accommodation with us, the accommodation officer will be available to assist you with any concerns regarding accommodation. In addition, we will give you regular information about afternoon, evening and weekend activities.

FAQs about our English courses in London

You can use our IELTS preparation courses to study for your exam. The course is designed to meet the requirements of the IELTS exam. You will also have your English teacher by your side to give you feedback and guide you through the process of preparing for your upcoming exam.

In addition to our youth programme, we also offer English courses in London for adults. You will learn English with like-minded people on your English course in London, make international friends and discover London together. To answer the question: It is possible to take part in English courses in London for adults at our Edwards language school.

Our students at Edwards Language School come from all over the world to learn together. This makes our London courses the perfect meeting place for international students who want to improve their English skills quickly and efficiently.

You can join our language course at any level of English. We offer English courses in London from A1 - Elementary level- to C1 for those with a high level of English. This means that we offer not only English courses for beginners, but also advanced English courses in London.

At Edwards Language School you can also take Business English courses in London to improve your professional communication in English. Take advantage of our English courses and in this way improve your professional career and your chances of getting your dream job. Available on request.

All language courses at Sprachcaffe encourage our participants to start speaking the new language as early as possible. Our Standard English course will give you plenty of opportunity to practice English in speaking, but you could also choose a Spoken English option.

With the help of our English courses in London, you can reduce your accent and speak more natural English. Tell your teacher on the first day of the course what your goal is and they will help you achieve it. Because we always focus on communication at Sprachcaffe, our English courses are a great way to reduce your accent.

It is possible to do a short English course in London. The minimum duration of a short term English course in London is one week. This would mean a total of 5 course days for a standard course. However, to improve your language skills better and more sustainably, we recommend that you stay for at least two weeks and immerse yourself completely in the English language during this time.

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