Senior Teacher

Job Description

To provide high quality English language tuition and training to individual students and groups to help those customers reach their learning goals.Plan, prepare and deliver high quality English language teaching that meets the needs of different individuals and takes account of individual learning styles. As a Senior Teacher, to provide guidance as requested, or where the need is perceived, to other teachers in areas such as lesson planning, use of teachers' resources and staff development and training, new teacher inductions and to help the Ados / Dos resolve problems such as last-minute teacher absences.


  • Passport requirements: UK citizen
  • Language requirement: Native level fluency
  • Qualifications: 1stdegree, recognised TEFL / TESOL qualification
  • Enhanced DBS required: yes
  • Notes / other: TEFL qualification to be checked & Online level 1 Safeguarding training completed?

Personal Qualities

  • Enthusiasm
  • Professional appearance
  • Punctuality
  • Flexibility (levels,ages,availability, willingness to cover when needed)


  • Evidence of planning
  • Awareness of learner training
  • Choice of appropriate materials
  • Presentation of lessons
  • Recognition of individual needs
  • Effective use of teaching aids
  • Knowledge of subjectmatter
  • Rapport with students, e.g. evidence of positive reinforcement

Professional responsibility

  • Good relationships with colleagues; team-working
  • Adherence to school policies
  • Record keeping and recording; meeting deadlines
  • Co-operation with administration
  • Professional growthand self-development

Responsibilities include

Teaching the agreed number of hours of classes per week, with additional teaching as required. You may be required to teach Business or Examination English classes, Juniors,or individual lessons and teaching classes of any age / ability when necessary.

Assisting with administration and grading of the level test as required. Completing your attendance register and lesson plan on a daily basis, and keeping your class file up-to-date at all times. Attending and participatingin any in-house training workshops, peer observations or seminars. Attending teachers'meetings every 2 weeks. Adhering to the school Safeguarding Policy including the Code of Conduct (attached). Ensuring students follow the school Behaviour Policy (copy in each class file).

Ensuring lessons are planned and managed in accordance with the syllabus and Edwards Language School methodology statement as setout in the Teachers' Handbook and New Teachers' Guide. Using materials designed to supplement current course books where appropriate and ensuringyou comply with copyright law in terms of permission to copy and making sure each copy has the appropriate acknowledgement of its source. Monitoring progress and giving regular feedback that helps to manage students' performance and expectations throughout a course.

Mentoring new teachers during the summer.

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the organisation and the overall business objectives of the organisation.